Paranormal Activity DVD Date

Posted by: Michael

The DVD date has been set for Paranormal Activity and its sooner then you might think. Paramount is making a smart move and capitalizing on all their viral marketing by releasing the film onto DVD on December 29th. Of course I do not know how much money I will have to spend on the 29th but here is hoping somebody gives me the best gift of all.... the gift of cash.

You know your movie has made a ton of money when the return on investment for the studio is 400,000%. Paranormal Activity which was made for $15,000 has now made over $80million at the box office which has made it the most profitable film in history. It dethrones the Blair Witch project which for the longest time had that title.

Paranormal Activity has gotten rave reviews from horror fans. You can checkout our review of the film here: Paranormal Activity Review. Paramount is already thinking about a sequel to Paranormal Activity which is no surprise at all. Studios are not known for letting a good thing lie. If it looks like a dollar or smells like a dollar they will chase it, even if it does not make alot of sense.


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