New Moon Ticket Sales On a Rampage

Posted by: Michael

FromAbingdon, Maryland to Zanesville, Ohio, New Moon’s Thursday night midnight showtimes continue to sell out on Fandango, the nation’s leading movie ticketing destination.  

Although thousands of New Moon showtimes have already sold out in cities and towns across the country, tickets are still available as theater owners regularly add screens and post new showtimes online.

 “Twi-Hard” fans have taken over Fandango this week, with New Moon reigning as the #1 daily ticket-seller, representing 94% of today’s sales, and the Thursday night re-release of Twilight, coming in as the #2 top daily ticket-seller, representing 2% of today’s sales.

A few more factoids from Fandango’s surveys of New Moon ticket-buyers:  

  • 51% will scream as the theater lights go down at the first public showings of New Moon, while 18% of audience members plan to put their fingers in their ears until the screaming stops. 
  • 50% pick Breaking Dawn as The Twilight Saga sequel they’re most eager to see on the big screen; 47 percent would like to see the final story split into two movies. 
  • 46% are most excited to see Edward back on the big screen, while a respectable 32% are most excited to see the return of Jacob (among all New Moon characters). 

”The Twilight Saga: New Moon” opens in theaters on November 20th.


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