George Romero Reveals Night of the Living Dead Not a Zombie Movie

Posted by: Michael

I am a huge fan of George Romero and his work. I am also the first to admit that Land of the Dead was a big budget attempt at doing Romero which failed even with him at the helm. Diary of the Dead although creative was also a big dissapointment for me.

His new film Survival of the Dead does not appear to offer alot of promise from the trailers I have seen but that does not take away from the fact he is a legendary filmmaker who made the zombie genre what it is. Below you can watch a video interview where he talks about Zombie films and how his first film that broke him into the genre as the King of the Dead... was not even a zombie film as far as he saw it. Its an interesting interview that runs about 8 minutes in length and is very telling.

As always Romero shows off his intellect as well as his deep knowledge of issues in society and how they tie to his films.


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