Director David Goyer talks new Soylent Green movie !

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David Goyer, writer ("Batman Begins") and director ("Blade: Trinity") told SCI FI Wire, that the remake/sequel of the Sci-Fi-movie "Soylent Green" will pick up where the original film (directed by Richard Fleischer in 1973) left off.

"I will say that the reveal at the end of the first movie happened at the end of our first act. So the first movie is kind of the first act of our film, and then it's about what happens afterwards."

The first movie was settled in the year 2022, where the rich live in luxury apartments and natural food, while the starving masses depend upon the government manufactured food "Soylent Green". During his murder investigations, Detective Robert Thorn (Charlton Heston) stumbles across the real source of Soylent Green. "Soylent Green is people!"

"Of course, which is why you can't have that be the punch line anymore.", Goyer said.

David Goyer also said, that he won't write or direct the remake, but will instead act as producer under his just-signed one-year first-look deal with Warner Brothers.

Source: SCI FI Wire


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