Exclusive: Pirates of the Caribbean 2, Filming on Deserted Island

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Got a very interesting email sent my way today, take it for what you may. It is from a gentleman named Hugo who lives on the island of Grand Bahama. He tells us that he recently spoke to the manager of "Our Lucaya" in the Bahamas and was told that in December/January the entire hotel is booked. What for you ask? For Pirates of the Carribean 2: Treasures of the Lost Abyss. The 1000 room hotel is booked up for the cast and crew.

Hugo also tells us that the film will not be filming in the bahamas, but rather it will be filming on a deserted island between Grand Bahama and Nassau the capital of the bahamas. We thank Hugo for this update, and look forward to future updates from him on Pirates of the Caribbean 2.

The Lost 'ABYSS' is in references to the first pirate ship that sailed in the caribbean. Or so claims an anonmous source that is connected with the production team making this movie.

At this time the informatio on this film outside of who is starring in it and who is directing it is very limited. Stay tuned to this page, and watch the latest news to stay in the loop for this upcoming fantastic film.

Source: Hugo, Grand Bahama Resident


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