Sons of Anarchy Season 1 Review

Posted by: Michael

FX Network is one of a few networks that always seems to impress the hell out of me with their tv shows. I am not a subscriber to the network but I always ask myself why not when I go out and pick up their shows on DVD. The Shield is easily one of the most bad ass cop dramas ever made and now FX is trying to one up themselves with a new Biker show called Sons of Anarchy.

The basic premise is a group of Bikers called the SOA or Sons of Anarchy who live in a small town and live by a distinct set of rules. The show gives you an unusual look at a biker gang that is much more humanized then most shows and movies that involve outlaw biker gangs.

Much like The Shield where you cant tell if the good guys are bad guys in Sons of Anarchy you can not be sure if the Bikers are the bad guys or the good guys. Everytime they do something clearly wrong they turn that around by doing something for the betterment of the small town they live in like catching a child rapist and delivering justice in their own special way muddying the water on whether they are bad guys.. or misunderstood good guys.

Sons of Anarchy stars genre favorite Ron Perlman who does a great job as the outlaw biker gangs leader and it also stars Married With Childrens Katy Segal who looks smoking hot despite her age bringing new sexy meaning to Biker Momma. Sons of Anarchy is a great show and one that I think everyone should check out. If you like shows with more then one dimension that offers an over arcing story of good, evil and small town values this show is for you. I look forward to Season 2.


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