Tyler Mane Interview, Halloween 2

Posted by: Sheila Roberts

Rob Zombie’s Halloween II picks up at the exact moment that 2007’s box office smash, Halloween, stopped and follows the aftermath of Michael Myers’s (Tyler Mane) murderous rampage through the eyes of heroine Laurie Strode (Scout Taylor Compton).

MoviesOnline caught up with Tyler Mane who returns as the film’s villain. Mane was eager to see Zombie top the thrills of the first film and believes Zombie delivered and exceeded his expectations. “It is very intense. The kills are picked up a notch. They’re all gritty, dirty kills.” Mane warns, “Michael Myers is back, bigger and badder than ever.”

Tyler Mane is a fabulous guy and we really appreciated his time. Here’s what he had to tell us about playing Michael Myers in “Halloween II”:

Tyler: Alright, fire away with the questions.

Q: Was it fun coming back and playing the role again, and did you feel you played it differently this time?

TYLER MANE: Yeah, basically I expanded on it and just intensified the performance, because I wanted to make sure that every kill and scene was dirty and gritty, more realistic and vicious. But then I also wanted to get the innocence of him as he traveled on his journey for the two year time period back to Haddonfield.

Q: Scout was saying you were very protective of her and she was hanging out with you and your family for awhile, so are you protective of all the actresses you’re throwing around?

TYLER MANE: Yeah, the most important thing is safety and security and I guess I get that from my years as a professional wrestler, taking care of the person that you’re working with. Because, God forbid, I don’t want to ever hurt anyone, especially when you’re wielding knives around and throwing people around, you’ve gotta have safety first.

Q: When you’re on the set, do you keep away from everyone because you’re this iconic presence or do you just chat with everyone?

TYLER MANE: I just go about my business and have a good time, joke around and lighten the mood, I’m just me, and then when I put the mask on, it’s a whole different ballgame.

Q: You had your wife and your kids with you, how do your kids feel about their daddy being Michael Myers?

TYLER MANE: They’ve seen the first movie, they love it because all their friends in school are like, ‘Oh your dad is Michael Myers, that’s cool.’ I don’t think they understand that exactly – some of them have seen it, which kind of makes me wonder about their parents.

Q: How old are your kids?

TYLER MANE: 12 and 13. The cool factor’s there, the scare factor is kind of like – and my wife appears in the movie, she’s was down there, she’s one of the cops.

Q: Can you see out of that mask okay? Because so many guys who do those horror characters tell me they can’t see?

TYLER MANE: I can see okay, it was made specifically for me. The first film, without the beard, was kind of tough because every time I’d turned my head, the mask would stay and I’d have to kind of look around. But with the beard, it filled it out and it moved with it, so it actually made it a lot better.

Q: How was it getting into the Michael Myers’ mindset this time?

TYLER MANE: Yeah, what I looked at is, you look at any other serial killer, they interact in society and you don’t know exactly who they are, and they just go about their business, and that’s basically the way I played it. It’s Michael Myers going about his business, and then when people cross his path that he interacts with, it’s a whole different ballgame.

Q: Did you do a whole back story to Michael Myers?

TYLER MANE: Basically it’s all done in the first movie, and I was explaining the first one where it shows how he became a product of his environment, and that’s one of the things that Rob wanted to make sure people knew, how Michael Myers turned out like he did, and why. So it was kind of explained in the first one, and in this it’s a continuing for the two year period up until the fateful Halloween night.

Q: It’s weird, in some of the movies he’s so supernatural because he just disappears or whatever, did Rob want to make it more real – is he supernatural?

TYLER MANE: No, he’s got a chemical imbalance or something like that. There’s no supernatural to Michael Myers. He’s a sick, demented, psychopathic killer.

Q: Did you like horror films when you were growing up?

TYLER MANE: No, no, as a matter of fact when I saw Jaws when I was a little kid I didn’t even want to go into the bathtub. So, no, I wasn’t a very big horror fan, but then since then I’ve come to appreciate them.

Q: It is since you got this that you’ve come to appreciate them?

TYLER MANE: Since I knew I was going to take on an iconic character like Michael Myers and bring him to life, I’ve been watching quite a few.

Q: When you know how the scenes are done, does it make it easier to watch films like this?

TYLER MANE: Yeah, you have a better understanding of that. But when it’s all cut together and pieced together with the sound effects and the music, when I saw this, I jumped a few times. I was like, ‘Damn, I’m sick.’

Q: What scares you in life?

TYLER MANE: That’s a good question. I don’t know.

Q: Scorpions, snakes?

TYLER MANE: There you go; I’ll go with that one.

Q: A lot of parents say something happening to their kids is scary to them

TYLER MANE: Yeah, yeah, I’m very protective of my family and kids. It’s true, you are very concerned as a parent about stuff like that. It’s hard to say.

Q: Will you allow your children to see this film?

TYLER MANE: They’ll see it eventually.

Q: They won’t see it at the premiere?

TYLER MANE: No, they won’t be going to the premiere. No. They’ve seen the last one, but it was a lot of covering their eyes and going,’ La la la la la.’

Q: So they saw it on DVD?

TYLER MANE: Yeah. Just doing some more tap dancing.

Q: Do you have a favorite horror films?

TYLER MANE: Yeah, Halloween and H2. I look at them and a lot of the horror movies are – not the new ones, but I’ve seen a lot of them and they’re kind of cheesy and unrealistic, and that’s why I wanted to do this one because it’s more – the realistic factor is there, you know? And with this you get to see inside the mind of a serial killer and you see what – why I really liked it is, you see how Michael Myers perceives himself as that young boy who’s getting ready to go trick-or-treating, total innocence before all hell breaks loose. And he thinks he’s talking to the only person who ever loved him, so it kind of brings out the whole warped factor, so you kind of see how he thinks and how he’s driven.

Q: What other parts would you like to play now? Do you want to get behind a camera and write and direct?

TYLER MANE: Before I would have said, ‘No, I’d never want to get behind a camera,’ but the whole process is very interesting to me, and it is something that I would eventually like to do. I’ve started Mane Entertainment and our first picture is going to be along the same lines. It’s a horror thriller called Penance Lane, so we’re going to be starting that hopefully very soon. And we have several other projects that we’re looking at doing in different genres.

Q: How far into development is Penance Lane?

TYLER MANE: We’re going to hopefully start filming this winter.

Q: Were you disappointed that your character never got to speak in either film? Or do you think that would take the mystique away?

TYLER MANE: That’s a very good question. It’s hard to say. I know people are so indoctrinated into not hearing him speak. He is a very physical character and I wanted to give him his depth through his body movement and language, because he doesn’t have a lot of dialogue. I think there are some key moments where he should have, or could have said something, but it was not for me to say. And then again you’ve got to look at it too, how would he say it because he hasn’t spoken for all those years. Once he quit talking to Loomis, he hasn’t said anything since. So it’s a very good question.

Q: Is it hard to play a character only though his physicality?

TYLER MANE: Yeah, a little bit. I mean, that’s why I originally took on the first role, because I wanted give the character some depth through the physicality of the character. And I think the emotion plays through very well through the eyes and the body movements and the way Michael Myers moves and carries himself throughout both of the pictures.

Q: What was it like working with Scout, because you seem to be friends.
Is it weird to just turn that off and try to kill her?

TYLER MANE: We’re both professionals, and when it comes time to work, and like she said the first time I put that mask on, she said, ‘I don’t need any motivation, I’m getting the hell out of here.’ Let’s face it, for Scout, if you have a 6’8” guy with a mask chasing you with a big, huge knife, what are you going to do? Sometimes she made me work too hard to catch her.

Q: When you go down a dark ally, you’re not scared?

TYLER MANE: Not really, I’m not stupid, I’m not going to go down a dark ally and go, ‘Hey, let’s see what’s down here.’

Q: Being a man and being a big man, that must be like a really different life experience.

TYLER MANE: You can only work with the tools you’ve got. I am very concerned about my wife when she’s out alone. She does theatre, and stuff like that, and leaving the theatre at night, it concerns me.

Q: She’s an actress?

TYLER MANE: Yes, she is, she was one of the cops in the movie. She’s my production partner.

Q: Was there a freedom in your physicality that you got to enjoy more with the mask on?

TYLER MANE: Actually I liked having that damned mask off. Because with the beard you’re still in a mask, so to speak, a natural mask. But it was interesting both ways to see how I could have the character move and have different physicalities with it on and with it off.

Q: And there was a difference?

TYLER MANE: Yeah, I felt totally different and I think you see it totally different. When he puts on that mask, it’s a definite shift.

“Halloween II” opens in theaters on August 28th.


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