Top 5 Sexy Women Who Kick Ass in Film

Posted by: The Dude

There's nothing cooler than a chick who can kick my ass. Sure, ANY woman could kick my ass really (I'm a bleeder, and I cry, but I don't wet myself anymore), but to be a hot woman kicking ass on screen is a rarity. Sure, there are helps of special fx, but I don't care. These women represent the hottest of the badass, in my humble opinion.

These are ladies who are not just hot, mind you. But gals who can get the job done, handling it all with style, grace, poise, and in a manner that's both suitably badass and sexy. Oh, and there should be plenty of carnage. Your tastes may differ, but know that you're wrong.

Note: I've restricted the list to movies released this decade. A classic all time hot ass kickin ladies list will be forthcoming.

5. RHONA MITRA in DOOMSDAY: As Major Eden Sinclair, Rhona Mitra dons tight leather outfits and goes all Snake Plissken on survivors of a plague that live in post-apocalyptic Scotland. Not only does she handle a catfight with aplomb, she has a technological eyeball that's sort of like what Brendan Gleason had in the 4th Harry Potter movie.

4. DEVON AOKI in SIN CITY: All school girl fantasies aside, you can't deny how much pain Miho inflicts on anybody around her. I get the feeling she would kill even her employer if asked to. She has no problems dispatching people with shuriken shaped like swasitkas. And she looks damn fine.

3. MILLA JOVAVICH in RESIDENT EVIL: The first Resident Evil showed off Alice's body in an awesomely gratuitous shower scene. She also jump kicked a zombie dog. But in part 2, she rides a motorcycle into a church to outright annihilate an enclave of zombies and save Mike Epps. And she gets naked again, too! The third one wussed out on the nudity and ass kicking, but provided us with LOTS of Milla Jovavich's. Can't wait for the fourth!

2. UMA THURMAN in KILL BILL vol.1&2: By all accounts, the most controversial choice. Uma Thurman is not everyone's cup of tea. Obviously, she is of Quentin Tarantino, who made TWO movies out of his Uma Thurman obsession. However, as the Bride slices her way through the Crazy 88s AND punches herself out of her own grave and climbs back to the top to engage in a sword fight, Thurman gets hot. And the the body account alone would cause her to be the number one if it weren't for one crucial detail.

1. ROSE McGOWAN in PLANET TERROR: Cherry Darling is a go go dancer. She wears skimpy outfits. She loses a leg to infected "Sickos", but that doesn't stop her from kicking ass with a chair leg in its place. Then, the coup de grace, a machine gun for an artificial leg, complete with grenade launcher. So to recap: Stripper + machine gun leg + stabbing dude in face with a chair leg + Number one hot ass kicker.


KATE BECKINSALE IN UNDERWORLD: She has the tight leather look going on, plus the sexy British accent, but the movies bore me to death.

THE GIRL FROM CHOCOLATE: Because she's so young, I felt weird calling her hot. Still might be regretting it.

MACHINE GIRL: The natural Japanese follow up to Cheery Darling, but again, feel creepy with how young the girl is. But can't wait for RoboGeisha!!!

ZOE BELL in DEATH PROOF and ROSARIO DAWSON in SIN CITY: I realize I'm on a Tarantino and Rodriguez kick, but they make great hot kickass ladies. Zoe is fantastic with an accent that's adorable, but she doesn't kick a lot of ass until the very end. Rosario Dawson is hot of ungodly proportions, but her character wasn't in enough of the movie to get me to warrant her. But I like them both very much, and invite them to beat me up.


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