New on DVD August 11th

Posted by: Michael

There are a few note worthy titles new on DVD and Bluray Today. See No Evil hits Bluray which for me is a pass. It was an ok movie but no means good enough to warrant a double dip on Bluray. Also new today on DVD is Lionsgates The Crypt which has looked pretty promising. Unfortunately have not seen that one so you may want to rent it at least till somebody reports in with some feedback on whether its any good.

Also new today on Bluray is Star Man a classic film that I have not seen in eons and one I may very well check out although I question the bluray transfer since it is an older film. The complete list is below.

See No Evil [Blu-ray] See No Evil [Blu-ray]
Released on DVD: 2009-08-11
Filed Under: horror Seven feet tall. Four hundred pounds. With a rusty steel plate screwed into his skull and razor-sharp fingernails that pluck out his victims’ eyes. Reclusive psychopath Jacob Goodnight is holed up in the long-abandoned Blackwell Hotel, alone wi...
The Rest Stop! The Rest Stop!
Released on DVD: 2009-08-11
Filed Under: horror Rest Stop tells the story of Nicole and Jess, who begin a cross-country road trip together from Texas to Hollywood. Their careless, open road adventure comes to a screeching halt as the journey takes a deadly turn at an out-of-the way rest stop. Wh...
The Crypt The Crypt
Released on DVD: 2009-08-11
Filed Under: horror Six young criminals break into hidden catacombs underneath their town and attempt to steal jewelry buried from the "Great Depression" only to find inhabitants guarding the precious belongings. After being trapped in this dark maze of crypts the group...
Wild Man of the Navidad Wild Man of the Navidad
Released on DVD: 2009-08-11
Filed Under: horror From Greeks Productions and the producer of the original 70's horror classic The Texas Chain Saw Massacre comes The Wild Man of the Navidad. This vintage horror tale is based on the real-life journals of Dale S. Rogers. Shot in a 70's style B-movie...
Starman [Blu-ray] Starman [Blu-ray]
Released on DVD: 2009-08-11
Filed Under: action,scifi This wonderful love story, filmed by John Carpenter, tells the story of an alien, who's ship crashes on Earth. To avoid detection, the Extra Terrestrial transforms himself into a physical replica of the deceased husband of a young woman, whose ...


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