Wolverine 2 Plot Revealed

Posted by: Michael

In an interview with Hugh Jackman MTV was able to get the goods on Wolverine 2 and the storyline the new film will follow. No surprise we will find Wolverine in Japan in what could be a much darker tale;

The source for the film will be the four-issue Wolverine mini-series by Chris Claremont and Frank Miller, published in 1982. The story, famously conceived as Claremont and Miller traveled home from the San Diego Comic Con, saw Wolverine heading to Japan on the trail of his love Mariko Yashida. He arrives to find her married to a cold businessman, and he soon finds himself at odds with Mariko’s father and the ninja clan The Hand.

As a big fan of the Wolverine Comics the Hand is one of my favorite stories and will make for a fantastic film if done right. Liev Schrieber in other news has revealed he is not horribly keen on returning since the film was very challenging for him. Stay tuned for more.


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