Twilight Author Sued for Plagiarism

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In very shocking news Stephenie Meyer is being sued by the author of 'The Nocturne' Jordan Scott. Apparently Jordan Scott claims that passages in Breaking Dawn are ripped off from his ( I believe it s a him ) book. YahooNews is reporting that the similarities are according to the Authors Lawyer;

  • Both Books have a wedding
  • Both books have sex on a beach
  • Both books have a scene where the character discusses the experience of going from human to a vampire
  • Both books have the lead vampire character referring to their wife as 'love'.

I do not know the facts and I have not even read any of the Twilight books but to me this seems a bit of a stretch. The author is apparently not suing for money but is filing a copyright infringement lawsuit in US Court next week. Has anyone read The Nocturne? Thoughts? Comments? I went on Amazon in an effort to learn more about the book but its not for sale on Amazon.

Update: Seems all it took was a copyright search to throw a whole lot of doubt on this lawsuit. The fantastic folks at TwilightLexicon did a copyright search on Forever Dawn ( the books original name ) and Jordan Scott ( who is a SHE not a HE As pointed out by Nicole below ) and guess what was found? Forever Dawn was copyrighted in 2004 and The Nocturne? 2008. Little bit of a date problem for this claim to hold water it would seem.


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