StarShip Troopers 2: Q&A with the Developers

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This is a fantastic questions and answers for StarShip Troopers2 with the questions all coming from the fans and being answered by the film makers, here is the interview in its entirety,

Why did you wait so long to make the sequel?
- Danny S. South Milwaulkee, WI

In 2000, Paul Verhoeven, Alan Marshall, Ed Neumeier, Jon Davison & I met to discuss a STARSHIP mini-series but it proved to be too expensive.

In 2001, Jon found there was interest at Columbia/ Tristar to do a direct to video/DVD sequel and by early 2002 Ed and I had framed an outline that the studio okayed. We spent the following eight months turning it into a script. We were shooting by May 2003 and spent the following six months creating the visual effects and editing at Tippett Studio. We recorded the music in Moscow with the Moscow symphony Orchestra and mixed the sound at George Lucas' sound facility in Marin county. The film was completed in December 2003 but was not slated for release in the States until June 2004 for marketing reasons. - Phil Tippett

Will there also be new games for the movie?
- Stuart C. Swindon, PR

There's a company called Empire Interactive in England that's doing a STARSHIP TROOPERS game. I hear it will cover the book and both movies. It's supposed to come out in late '04 or early '05 but my experience is that these things are often late. The MicroProse Starship game came out years after the first movie. The DVD of ST2 has a trailer for the new game on it. Also, there's going to be a contest on this very web site where the prize is that you get to beta test the game. I bought a ST board game when we were developing the first movie. It was so complicated I could never find anyone who wanted to play it. - Jon Davison

Looking at your photo gallery ST2 looks like its going to be bloodier than ST1, is that true?
- Ryan N. Philomath, OH

Because we were so limited with our budget we knew we could never come close to the spectacle of ST1. We chose to keep everything contained and the most interesting approach was to make more of a horror picture and focus the action on the small band of troopers waiting for pickup. The horrible things that happen to people are more pointed toward intimate moments, which appears to make ST2 perhaps bloodier than ST1. However as per body count I think Verhoeven's picture wins as a result of having huge action battle scenes with multiple skewerings, dismemberments, decapitations and body splats. -- Phil Tippett

Are there gonna be different and new bugs in this film?
- Daniel D. Manhattan, NY

There are two new bugs: the PARASITE BUG and the SPY BUG. These new creatures perform as hijackers or saboteurs and are part of the Bug master-plan to infiltrate and destroy humankind. Both new bugs were designed by Craig Hayes who designed all of the bugs in ST1. -- Phil Tippett

Will there be a Starship Troopers 3?
- Daniel B. Lombard, Il

If ST2 is successful you bet there will be! -- Phil Tippett

Will the same hardware be used as was in the first film (like the dropships, etc.) and will there be anything new?
- Andrew E. Wolverhampton, NY

We do bring back the dropships as a rescue vehicle. There are new weapons replacing the standard Trooper issue Moritas. There are more advanced pulse weapons that allow a fewer number of troopers to dispatch more bugs. The infantry uses the rifle-life weapons and the officers have handguns. The fortress, Hotel Delta 1:85, where the troopers await pickup is a bunker constructed of steel and concrete. These units are rescue stations that are dropped into hostile territory where there is no cover. The planet, Zulu Angel, has huge flat deserts with terrible corrosive and abrasive electrical storms and these stations are equipped with resources to allow troopers safety from attack until rescue/pickup. -- Phil Tippett

Why weren't any of the original cast members from the first film brought in to do the sequel?
- Jordan L. Calgary, AL

The first drafts of ST2 did have Zim, the drill instructor busted down to private from ST1, as the Hero of the Federation. The roll was written for Clancy Brown to reprise his character from ST1 but due to scheduling conflicts he was unavailable. The character's name and background were then changed to the new character, Dax, played by Richard Burgi. -- Phil Tippett

One original cast member does return, Brenda Strong. She played the starship captain in the first film who was cut in half by a closing door when the Rodger Young went down. Needless to say, she plays a new character in this film, Rake, a tough cigar chomping sergeant. - Jon Davison

How long after the event of the first film does this movie take place?
- Pip S. Leicester. OT

ST2 takes place five to eight years after ST1. It is as if WWII had rolled into the Korean War and toward Vietnam. The war has rolled on for years without victory and the troopers are becoming worn out and in some cases question the wisdom of the Federation. - Phil Tippett

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