Peter Jackson, Neil Blomkamp HALO Movie Updates

Posted by: Michael

At Comic Con we caught up with Peter Jackson and Neil Blomkamp during a press conference for the upcoming District 9. During the press conference the now stalled HALO movie came up and the question was asked if there was any hope or the film. Neil Blomkamp clearly is not happy nor is Peter Jackson with how it all unfolded. Neil said;

Well, I think Halo is something that originally I was extremely fortunate to be involved with obviously. To get a first film like that is a pretty astounding thing. Not only that, but also the creative world of Halo, the universe of Halo is so appealing to me from multiple different science fiction aspects. So I think I was so invested in it for those months that we worked on it, it’s a very difficult thing to work on something and get into it like that, like that amount of creative intensity and then just have the rug pulled out from underneath you.

So I need some sort of time to sort of sit and look at whether Halo would be something that I’d want to go back to personally.

Peter Jackson supplied his own updates on where he saw HALO and where it stood;

What’s happening with Halo as far as I’m aware is that the rights for a moment in time, the rights were with Universal and Fox and they had the ability to make a film which didn’t happen for various reasons at that time. Subsequently, the film rights have expired and Microsoft have got the film rights back so they don’t sit with any studio at the moment. I think quite honestly, I think Microsoft are assessing what they want to do with Halo. It’s their baby. They have a whole plan for future games obviously and I’m sure they’d like to do a movie one day.

 As much as we had a terrible experience ultimately with the way that Halo fell over, I think Microsoft also shared that. They were very frustrated. It wasn’t their fault and they were disillusioned I think to some degree by their experience. I think if any company could possibly make a film themselves and not have to deal with a studio, it’s possibly Microsoft.

So I think they’re assessing how they want to handle their relationship with the film industry. I think that’s something they’re figuring out so we’re not involved at the moment, but obviously I think we just have to let them figure out what they want to do with the property they own.

More on HALO as we get it. This movie will be MASSIVE and hopefully Microsoft and FOX dont miss the boat on it.


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