Kung Fu Hustle 2 - In Development

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It looks like everyone wants to keep on Kung Fu fighting.  Wow, I havent really seen anything more than an International Trailer and a few pics, and already a sequel to Stephen Chow's "Kung Fu Hustle" is already in development. 

"South Korean pop star and actress Jang Nara is expected to join the cast of Stephen Chow's sequel to Kung Fu Hustle which is now in development.   In China, Jang is one of the most popular Korean stars. In South Korea she was nominated for Best Actress and Best New Artist for her starring role in Oh! Happy Day (2003)."

Kung Fu Hustle recently premiered in Japan at the Tokyo International Film Festival. It is expected to receive its first wide release on December 23rd in China, Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan.

In the 1940's Guangzhou, A Xing (Stephen Chow) is a young man good at gabbing and short on will. Dreaming about becoming somebody, he is eager to join The Axe Gang, notorious for its ruthlessness. The Axe Gang is planning to invade the last remaining spot which is not under their control and is also where A Xing lives.

However, A Xing's over-weight overly-demanding landlady and her overly-skinny overcautious husband are all highly skilled martial-artists. And, that's not all - looks like everyone around A Xing has some special talent.

Source: Kung Fu Cinema


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