Forbes Top Earning Female Actresses List

Posted by: Michael

Forbes has released their new list of top Earning Actresses in Hollywood! Some of the list is pretty obvious but some of it is quite interesting with names like Meryl Streep topping the list of highest paid actresses in Hollywood. According to Forbes here are the top bread earners in Hollywood of the female persuasion;

Angelina Jolie: 27 Million. Angelina Jolie recently did Changeling and WANTED. I have not yet seen Changeling but have heard great things about it. WANTED I have seen and is one of my favorite comic book movies in awhile. It was gritty, funny and dark. A great time all around. She tops the list and will be next seen in SALT.

Jennifer Aniston: 25 Million: She will next be seen in Bounty Hunter and has recently done Marley and Me a tale of a man a woman and their dog. I can honestly say since Derailed she has not done films that appeal to me but she has alot on her plate coming up. Quite surprised she came in at #2 on the list.

Meryl Streep: 24 Million. Meryl Streep is the oldest person on the list and she has done some movies that are of interest to me. DOUBT is a fantastic drama that everyone should see. She will next be seen in Julie and Julia which comes out in August.

Sarah Jessica Parker: 23 Million. Sarah is one of the few people who I do not tend to follow at all. I am not a Sex and the City fan and when I see her name its all I can think of. Failure to Launch was a horrible movie and despite her great role in Mars Attacks I am just not really a big fan. She will next be seen in the film sequel to Sex and the City.

Cameron Diaz: 20 Million. I used to be a big fan of Camerons but What Happens in Vegas was bad enough to make me think twice on my interest in her as an actress. My better half loved the film but for me.. it was a flop. She is currently starring in My Sisters Keeper which is playing in theaters and I hear is a fantastic film and a real tear jerker.

Sandra Bullock: 15 Million. Not to surprised by this one since Sandra does have a pretty good box office draw. Miss Congeniality was all kinds of bad but alot of folks seemed to really like it. Her newest film The Proposal which stars Ryan Reynolds is pretty funny and no doubt helped her climb onto this list.

Reese Withersoon : 15 Million. Reese was absolutely fantastic in Election and she recently did voice over work in Monsters Vs Aliens. Her Box Office draw is no surprise and neither is her appearance on this list.  She has almost a dozen new projects under development and will continue to drive fans into theaters. Cute and talented I am a big fan.

Nicole Kidman: 12 Million. I am not a die hard fan of Nicole Kidmans but will admit she did a very good job in The Invasion. I even kind of enjoyed her work in The Stepford Wives and Australia. She has a definite draw and a large fan base so her appearance on this list is not a major surprise to me, even if she is not one of my own favorites to see in the movies.

Drew Barrymore : 12 Million. Drews family has been in entertainment going back to the days when there was no such thing as a TV much less a movie theater. Her family is steeped in the culture of show biz. She has done some great films like ET and other not so great films like 50 First Dates. A sharp cookie with her own production company its definitely no shock to see her on the list.

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