Shaun of the Dead Bluray Specs

Posted by: Michael

Easily one of the biggest bummers I ever had was when years back at Comic Con it was confirmed that their would be no sequel to Shaun of the Dead. I loved the film and a sequel / prequel would have been awesome. Today we do have some good news for Shaun fans like me. Complete specs for the Bluray release of Shaun of the Dead on September 22nd. The specs from ShootForTheHead are as follows


  • BD-LIVEâ„¢: Access the BD-Liveâ„¢ Center through your Internet-connected player to get evenmore content, watch the latest trailers, and more!
  • MY SCENES: Bookmark your favorite scenes from the movie then share with your BDLive buddies!
  • U-CONTROLTM: Universal’s exclusive signature feature puts the viewer just one click away from going deeper into the making of the film without ever leaving the movie.
  • ZOMBIE-O-METER: View Shaun trivia while watching the movie!
  • TRAILERS: Trailers and TV Spots from the UK
  • MISSING BITS: Outrageous outtakes and all-new deleted scenes not shown in theaters
  • RAW MEAT: Never-before-seen casting tapes, Simon Pegg’s video diary, Edgar & Simon’s flip chart, special effects comparison and make-up tests
  • T.V. BITS: Interview with the band Coldplay
  • AUDIO COMMENTARY: Uncensored commentary by the cast, including the zombies!
  • STORY GAPS”: Interviews with the actors on what happened to their characters, fun animated storyboards and voiceover by the talent
  • ZOMBIE GALLERY: Photo gallery and theatrical poster designs


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