Marvels Movie Lineup, Wolverine, Iron-Man & More!

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If you are a fan of things like fantastic four, and other goodies, then you will enjoy reading this. This is the official line-up of upcoming films from Marvel. A couple that really stand out to me are the Wolverine and Iron Man Movies, I am stoked to see those films coming. But here is the complete list of upcoming marvel flicks!

  • Elektra Jan. 14, 2005 release
  • Fantastic Four, 2005 release
  • X-Men 3, May 5, 2006 release
  • Iron Man New Line Cinema Script, Slated for 2006
  • Ghost Rider, Slated for 2006
  • Luke Cage, Slated for 2006
  • The Punisher 2, Slated for 2006
  • Deathlok, Slatedfor 2006
  • Spider-Man 3, May 4, 2007
  • Namor, Slated for 2007
  • The Hulk 2, Slated for 2007
  • Wolverine Slated for 2007

Being a big fan of marvel comics I am excited to see so many good ones coming to the big-screen, look for more updates as things start rolling on the films.


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