Trailer: Horror Meets Red Riding Hood

Posted by: Michael

I have always been a big fan of indie horror. I find indie filmmakers are more creative and willing to take more risks because they have to. Sam Raimi started out this way and many others are coming up this way. Today we have the horror Trailer for Red Riding Hood courtesy of the filmmakers.

The story follows a German teenager named Rose that comes to live with her grandmother in America. Although she is happy to see her grandmother, Rose hates her new life: she misses her friends back in Germany and she is teased and ridiculed by the other students at school.

Rose can only find comfort in her tattered book of fairy tales until she meets and develops a crush on Nick, the most popular guy at school, and is befriended by Summer, a beautiful sexy coed. But things become complicated as Rose is tormented by Nick’s girlfriend Bridgette and the once quiet town of Hinsdale finds itself rattled by a series of gruesome, mysterious murders. 


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