New Dawn of the Dead Game Mod for Left 4 Dead

Posted by: Michael

I am a huge fan of both the original Dawn of the Dead and Zach Snyders remake. Romero's original film was a classic case of zombies mixed with fantastic writing and Zach Snyders was an excellent remake that took the good, added in some new and made for one hell of an action packed 'remake'.

Today I have stumbled on probably one of the coolest game mods I have ever seen called 'Damned by Dawn'. The game is a mod for Left 4 Dead the smash hit zombie game for the Xbox360 and PC. You can checkout a game trailer as well as a very cool walk through video where the mod developer talks about the game, making it and so much more. If you like addons for your games and are a fan of Left 4 Dead and or Dawn of the Dead your going to want to check this out.


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