Plot Spoilers Twilight New Moon Movie

Posted by: Michael

It would seem with Twilight New Moon they are taking some creative liberties and I am curious to see what you Twilight fans think. I have NOT read the books so I have no idea whether the info is right or not but I am sure you Twilight fans will let me know. Be warned their are spoilers in this post courtesy of Life & Style and so if you dont want some points of the film spoiled do not read on.

Life & Style has three key points that they reveal that are different between Twilight New Moon the Book and the film. They are;

  • Bella is a DareDevil in the film in comparison to the book.
  • Although Edward is supposed to appear to Bella as a voice only the filmmakers have decided to have him in the film as a ghostly figure instead of just a voice. No doubt to get him more screen time for the fans.
  • In the books apparently Laurent is destroyed by the wolves, where as in the film he will fight them.
  • lastly in the book Edward says he will turn Bella into a vampire if they marry. Obviously to keep things more 'teen' they have decided to remove the marriage angle.
I have not read the TWILIGHT books, so those of you who have, any thoughts? Good or bad?


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