The Many Faces of Christian Bale

Posted by: Michael

This go around we will take a look at the many faces of Christian Bale. As of late Christian Bale has been getting buzz for one thing only, his temper but that is not fair. Even despite apologizing publicly people are still fixated on his temper which I would rather call his 'passion for his work'. Christian Bale is one of the most talented actors in Hollywood and his body of work represents that. Before he became Bruce Wayne and now John Connor he was very busy re-inventing himself film after film showing that he is an actors actor.

Empire of the Sun: This was the first film that put Christian Bale on the map for me and as much as I absolutely loved this movie for many years I had no idea that Christian Bale starred as the young man torn from his family trying to survive in a Japanese POW camp. It was only when I re-visited the film after recently watching Batman Begins that the pieces clicked together and I realized it was Bale. Bale is a young child in this movie but his youth doesn't take away from his obvious talents. Even as a young child he delivered a strong performance filled with depth and emotion.

Newsies: As dark and brooding as most of Christian Bales roles are Newsies stands out as his one somewhat light hearted films. Although light in context its deep in message and shows once again the depth of his character. In Newsies which is a musical he plays Jack Kelly who goes up against Joseph Pulitzer and William Hearst. He unites the newsies to organize a strike when the two powerful newsmen raise distribution prices on the backs of the Newsies. Its a fun film that admittedly is not my normal fare but again shows that Christian Bale has many faces... and some of them even fit into a Disney Film like Newsies.

American Psycho: This movie put Christian Bale really on the map for me. As much as I enjoyed Empire of the Sun this was his first monumental film as an adult in my books. He plays a regular dude who seems in every sense of the word your average joe. But by night he is much more.. he is an American Psycho. This film is both visceral and dark and is one of the most violent and off the wall character pieces I have ever seen. It plays out more like a stage play then a film and is filled with tons of great characters with Christian Bale firmly in the center of it all leading the pack. A truly genius film that is highly disturbing but also a master piece.

SHAFT: In Shaft Christian Bale plays a minor role and frankly not his most memorable but he does deliver the goods as a snotty pretty boy who can do no wrong and goes up against SHAFT when he kills an African American man in a street fight gone wrong. His off the cuff attitude and mannerisms made him stand out in this film as he goes toe to toe with SHAFT played by the ultimate bad ass Samuel L Jackson.

Equilibrium: This movie was one I picked up on DVD for $50 after renting it. The fact I purchased it for $50 should show you just how powerful this movie is. Before the MATRIX was the ultimate sci-fi adventure Equilibrium was the movie to see. Unfortunately I wonder how many have actually seen it. I stumbled on it by accident and it is one of my all time favorite sci-fi future films. Directed by Kurt Wimmer its about a future world where art, music, books, emotions and even pets are outlawed. Christian Bale plays a law enforcement officer who finds himself torn away from his role as enforcer and becomes a freedom fighter. A fantastic scifi tale that is focused on story and character and less about the action but still delivers alot of action, with plenty of depth.

Batman Begins: Really not much needs to be said here. The Batman film franchise had been bastardized beyond belief over the years and Christopher Nolan single handedly redeemed the franchise by bringing back good writing and great actors to deliver a dark and brooding thriller that put the cool factor back into Batman. Batman Begins is an action packed character piece where Bale brings out the man behind the cape and delivers a top notch performance delivering one of the best comic book movie performances ever. His ability to bring Batman to life exceeds all those who have tried in the past and then some thanks to the work of Christopher Nolan and his brother.

Terminator Salvation: Although not released yet I am a huge fan of the first two Terminator Films and when I heard that Christian Bale had been tapped to bring new life into the franchise and deliver three new Terminator films I was absolutely ecstatic. Christian Bale will play John Conner and this go around the film will take us to the heart of the war and the resistance. Despite being directed by McG who has done cotton-candy fare I still feel that this film will deliver the goods. Christian Bale is not just the star but also assisted on editing the final film to ensure we all get the explosive action, depth of writing and fantastic film we all want.

Although Christian Bale has starred in many films I feel that these listed give us a great feel for the many faces of Christian Bale. He also delivered in outstanding roles for 3:10 to Yuma and The Prestige, and we could go on forever. These films and future projects including Killing Pablo and Public Enemies just continue to prove that Christian Bale has many faces and immense talent. I will continue to line up to see any films he stars in just on his ability alone.


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