Blue Powder, Jessica Biel Nude Video on Youtube

Posted by: Michael

This video I sum up with Massive Fail. Not because it doesnt offer exactly what the title of this article says it does.. but because it reveals the one thing that a whole demographic of filmgoers was going to this movie to see... Jessica Biel nude. Now rather then buying a ticket they can simply go over to Youtube ( warning NSFW ) and watch her strip down, show off her very well put together body and pour hot wax on herself.

Blue Powder is a film that I would on par with the Wrestler in that it has a limited appeal to mainstream audiences but the one thing that was sure to get the young males in was Biel taking off ALL her clothes and showing the world just how stunning she is. Now that the footage is freely available on youtube I question whether this will hurt the film even more then having the entire film leaked online like happened with Wolverine.

Blue Powder looks like a fascinating film even without Biel getting naked in the film and tells the story of 4 people who'se lives intersect on Christmas. Obviously its not a family movie but it offers a really interesting dynamic of characters including a suicidal priest, a sleazy strip club owner, a mortician, a crime syndicate and a transsexual prostitute. Its an interesting mish mash of characters that could fold nicely into a fascinating story. It is just a shame that all the buzz so far has been on Biel's nudity and not the films concept. That said I felt the Biel angle would expose more people to the film and now its untimely arrival on Youtube will either help the film or hurt it..

You can watch the video of Jessica Biel on Youtube at the link above if you like but again be warned it contains nudity and sexual content.


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