Uwe Boll talks BloodRayne and Alone in the dark

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Our collegues from IGNFF, had the opportunity to talk to director Uwe Boll ("BloodRayne", "Alone in the Dark"), who sees the videogame stories as great jump-off points for Hollywood adaptations, and he has no less than five videogame-based projects in various stages of production. He also hopes to eventually obtain the rights for a "Hitman" film.

On the final day of the "BloodRayne" shoot in Romania, IGNFF's Jeff Otto had an extensive chat with the director shortly after wrapping the Vampire movie. The directore talked about "BloodRayne", "Alone in the Dark" and future projects, all based on videogames.

IGNFF: So you just finished shooting BloodRayne. How did the shoot go?

Uwe Boll:
It is a a very interesting movie because we have a big knight movie basically, but it's also based on "BloodRayne", a vampire story. And [we have] kick-ass action scenes [that] you don't see in a knight movie… We had an army of big actors. We have Michael Madsen and Matt Davis and Michelle Rodriguez playing the three brimstone anti-vampire warriors. Then we have Kritanna Loken as BloodRayne, we have Ben Kingsley on the evil side and Billy Zane played a part also. We got [Zane] one and a half week's ago, so this info [might not have] reached the fans so far. And then we got, as like a vampire crack house leader, we have Meatloaf. He's playing it like in the "Rocky Horror Picture Show", a really cool scene with tons of prostitutes in a big crack house. It's a great scene. And we have Michael Pare playing a weapons dealer… We have Udo Kier from "Blade" and "Armeggedon" and so this strange guy plays a monk. And we have Geraldine Chaplin, the daughter of Charlie Chaplin, plays the fortune teller.

IGNFF: That's quite a cast.

Boll: It's unbelievable! It's a very interesting movie and the first Avid output is around three hours. So, it is a long movie but I will make it two hours in the end. It's definitely the longest movie I've done so far......

The complete interview is in two parts, and you can read both the links below.

Uwe Boll Interview Part 1  and  Part 2

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