The Many Faces of Elizabeth Banks

Posted by: Michael

Its time to look at the many faces of Elizabeth Banks and what a pretty face it is. There is however much more to her then that! Elizabeth Banks is not really the new A-List actress but she has been consistently on my radar over the last few years as she delivers outstanding performances in just about every genre of films you can imagine. Every since she really hit the mainstream I have been going back and re watching some of my favorite films and realizing that they star her. So this is my quick list of great films that you should consider checking out that coincidentally also happen to star the extremely attractive and very talented Elizabeth Banks.

Oliver Stones W.: I watched this film last night and it was actually my inspiration to do this editorial. Elizabeth Banks plays the role of Laura Bush and I am sure you will agree with me that Laura Bush never looked so hot. As much as you might look at this casting choice and wonder what the director was thinking Elizabeth Banks did a fantastic job portraying Laura Bush and actually fit the role like a glove. Her attractiveness was played down which is no easy task and they very credibly turned her into Laura Bush. An outstanding showcase of her acting skills.

The Uninvited: Elizabeth Banks takes on the creepy roll of evil stepmother and lets all be honest. Who better to have as your psychotic an evil step mother then Elizabeth Banks? If your going to be tormented it should always be by a hot step mom. Elizabeth Banks delivers a chilling performance in this dark and wicked tale of an evil step mom with an even eviler agenda.

Role Models: Once again jumping genres Elizabeth banks takes on the comedy genre playing the intelligent and well balanced love interest. In Role Models she plays a Lawyer who is very much interested in supporting her crazy boyfriend but is unable to come to grips with his insane antics. Elizabeth Banks deliver as the serious balance to the zany antics in the film.

Slither: Slither is one of my all time favorite horror films. When I watched it the first 3 times ( I have seen it over 10 times ) I had no idea that the very attractive female lead was played by Elizabeth Banks. She was unknown to me at the time. In this film Elizabeth plays the local hot chick who marries the local money man to 'lift herself up in life'. She finds herself caught up in a nightmare when her husband is infected by a virus that turns him into a hideous beast that is turning the town into a sloppy gorey mess. Nathan Fillion her high school love and the local Sheriff comes to her rescue inviting the question.. whats cooler? The fact that this movie stars Elizabeth Banks or the fact it also stars Nathan Fillion?

Zach and Miri Make a Porno: Really I don't need to explain this one to you I am sure. This was a huge film and combined the immense talent of Kevin Smith and Seth Rogen to deliver a well written and thoughtful comedy full of toilet humor and top notch writing. Elizabeth Banks stars as the 'girl pal' who lives with Seth and decides to make a porno with him to pay their bills. Elizabeth delivers once again with girl next door charm and the dynamic between her and Seth steams up the screen which frankly surprised me. Elizabeth has shown once again she can deliver in just about any position... pun intended :)

Meet Bill: Meet Bill is a smaller film that did not seem to get a lot of mainstream buzz but it is also one of my favorite films starring Elizabeth Banks. In this film she manages to upstage Jessica Alba. This go around she is playing a house wife with a hankering for the local news guy and she quite seriously upstages the always popular Jessica Alba in the hot factor. You will find yourself watching for Elizabeth thinking WOWZA she is looking good. She delivers in this very quirky and fun comedy about love, life and relationships. Easily one of her best roles and its always a bonus when the role requires parading around in underwear.

SeaBiscuit: SeaBiscuit is a really great feel good movie and a favorite for many. I myself also enjoyed SeaBiscuit but I am a sucker for feel good films about the underdog coming out on top. Elizabeth Banks played Marcela Howard in the film.

The 40 Year Old Virgin: Closing off my list we have the highly entertaining 40 Year Old Virgin where Elizabeth Banks played the local hot chick who has an entertaining and funny encounter with Steve Carrell the star of the movie. If Elizabeth Banks worked in my local store I would definitely be working on my best lines and popping in myself.

Clearly Elizabeth Banks has starred in a lot more films including small roles in Invincible and Spider-man but the films above are some real highlights for me that showcase the many faces of Elizabeth Banks. Which on the list are your favs? If you have not seen any of them I would encourage you strongly to go and check them out.


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