Poster for It's a Wonderful Afterlife

Posted by: Stark

There have been alot of interesting things coming out of the movie world in India, and this newest feature is no exception.  From the brilliant mind of Gurinder Chadha (Bend it like Beckham) comes a new horror romantic comedy (that's a new one) called 'It's a Wonderful Afterlife'.  Special Thanks to, we've been able to show you the first poster for the movie AND give you the very interesting plot synopsis as well!  If this becomes anywhere near as good as it sounds, we've got a winner on our hands!  Check out the synopsis for yourself as well as the poster!

MRS. SETHI, a widow, can't bear the thought of her daughter being alone and unhappy. Okay, she's a little plump and opinionated, but she'd make a great wife for some lucky man, if only she were given a chance. When MRS. SETHI can no longer stomach the rudeness of families who refuse her daughter, she takes matters into her own hands with the only way she knows...Suddenly a police hunt begins for a serial murderer who cooks a killer curry. MRS. SETHI doesn't feel too guilty until the SPIRITS of her victims come back to haunt her - complete with tandooried bodies and kebab skewered heads, they're unable to be reincarnated until their murderer dies. MRS. SETHI has no problem killing herself she'll get to see her dead husband again but how can she go before her daughter is married? The SPIRITS realize that helping Mrs Sethi daughter find a suitable husband before the police catch her is their only chance for a wonderful afterlife.


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