Round 2: Kristen Stewart Twilight Interview

Posted by: Michael

We went another round with Kristen Stewart and talked more Twilight! This last couple weeks it seems everytime we turn around we are getting time with Kristen Stewart. Sheila once again spent her weekend with Kristen and had a chance to talk to her about Twilight New Moon, Jacobs massive transformation and more.

As a quick recap in the last few weeks we learned that Dakota Fanning would be playing Jane in Twilight eclipse which got mixed reaction from you readers. Then this week we learned that Twilight Eclipse had a director... just to hear a few days later that perhaps not. You can get the complete Twilight Recap from the last few weeks by clicking here. With that all said and done here is what Kristen had to say;

What are you excited about ‘New Moon.’ I know you are starting soon if not already.

We’re in preproduction. We started establishing looks and dynamics. I’m excited to get back into it. We’re going to pick up right where we left off. It’s weird because I’m not trying to get into a new head space for the first time so I’m excited because the story is sort of scaled down a bit. He leaves her and that’s what the entire first movie is based on though if you take that away there’s still a story which I think is impressive. It’s not just these two characters who make it. She’s solitary.

She’s entirely depressed. She matures and Taylor Lautner is still playing Jacob. He’s so good and unless he had a counter part that was going to briefly outshine what was so great in the first one that would be a feat and I think that he’s got it and I can’t wait to see how he pulls her out. She’s like a zombie and he’s the light. It’s such a tragic story because that’s who I should be with but I’m totally in love with a guy I shouldn’t be with.

What are you most looking forward to?

Just picking up sort of where we left off. The story, there's like a six month period where the first one ended and the second on picks up, but nothing has changed. They're at a good, solid point in their relationship. I'm interested to see him leave because that's what the first one is entirely based on, that abandoned devotion ultimate love story.

Now she's going to be stripped of that and Bella is actually an interesting character on her own. Taylor Lautner is Jacob. It was under deliberation for a while so we're glad that he's doing it.

He was saying at the time that he was working out and was going to be twenty pounds heavier.

He's jacked. It's crazy.

 I saw a photo and he looks like he's on steroids he's so big.

He's not on steroids.

He must've been doing some serious gym time.


Were you shocked when you saw the transformation?

Yeah. I've seen the steady progression and I've seen him a lot since then. If I had seen Taylor who did 'Twilight' to the Taylor right now who's about to start 'New Moon', he's an entirely different person physically. I mean, it took him so much time. He's so devoted. He's amped, really excited.

I heard the third one comes out the following summer. What does that mean for you guys as actor, do you get a break in between the next one?

I have a movie in between. I do 'New Moon' and then we do 'The Runaways'

 How is starting 'New Moon' knowing what to expect? You know now what the 'Twlight' thing is.

It's so much easier. I mean, it's just an experience and it's realizing that it's a different world. I'm just more aware. It's easier. I'm not as freaked out by it. It's all proven to be fine and at first I was just kind of freaked out. I was scared of it.

Look for Sheila's entire interview with Kristen to go live later this week! Twilight New Moon will be in theatres this November and the Twilight New Moon trailer will be available May 6th. Earlier we caught up with Kristen to talk to her about her controversial Nylon interview and Twilight New Moon. You can read that right here


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