Live Action Wonder Woman Movie Back in the Works?

Posted by: Michael

I watched Wonder Woman the TV series I can not lie but I have never really been keen on a film adaptation. Not sure why.. I am just not. Its been awhile since we heard much about it but it seems the project has again found new life according to IESB

The last two updates we had were rumors that McG was in talks to direct it and Beyonce Knowles telling the LA Times that she really wanted the role. No offense to any of you Beyonce fans but casting her would be a really good way to be sure I would not see it. Apparently with a regime change at the production company Wonder Woman is now ready to move ahead and hopefully in a good direction;

There was a regime change late last year over at Silver Pictures, Andrew Roma is now the man in charge and will be the man spearheading the live action Wonder Woman project along with mega producer Joel Silver.

Sources in the Burbank studios have confirmed there is quite a bit of movement on the WW front. With Green Lantern going into production this year, it looks like Princess Diana may finally get the go ahead from WB. WB and Silver Pictures are in the early stages but they are eager to get started on the movie. Sources tell IESB that WB is looking for new writers on the project and have been taking pitches the last few weeks.

Any thoughts on the movie? Want it? Care less? Who do you think should don the wrist bands to play Wonder Woman? Megan Gale was going to play Wonder Woman in the Justice League movie and she has my vote for a stand alone film!


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