Exclusive: Resident Evil 4 Comes to Toronto

Posted by: PuppetMaster

Rumors are circulating to us by a  VERY trusted source who so far has never been wrong that Resident Evil 4 will be coming to Toronto Canada to film. This is pretty big news since you all have been buzzing about a potential sequel for some time.

Paul Anderson in an interview with IGN talked about the upcoming Resident Evil 4 movie we have been telling you about for awhile now. They once again are going to be doing their own thing with the film adding their own bits and pieces... with the blessing of CAPCOM.

"Once again we're doing it completely with the blessing of the videogame company. We got a lot of flack [on the sequels] for, 'Why isn't the movie set in the mansion just exactly like the very first videogame?' That's just not progression for me.

As the Resident Evil videogames themselves have developed in leaps and bounds -- it's like when we did the last movie people were like, 'Resident Evil doesn't take place in the desert. What the (expletive) is this?' Well, where does Resident Evil take place? Does it take place in Raccoon City exclusively? Well, I don't think so because the game has been in Antarctica, in Raccoon City, now it's in Africa."

I am one of the few people that actually likes all of the Resident Evil movies. I will admit that the 2nd one was the weakest of the bunch but I did enjoy it. What are your thoughts on RE 4? Any interest? Any ideas on storyline?


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