Nolan Responds to Dark Knight Oscar Snub

Posted by: PuppetMaster

First off I have to ask.. was Dark Knight Snubbed by the oscars? I seriously do not think so. Dark Knight at quick count got 7+ nominations and for a comic book film to boot. Since when is that bad? The only real major nod it got was best supporting actor for Heath Ledger as the Joker but we all knew that was coming. Seriously, do you guys and gals think the film got snubbed? Does anyone really care as a fan who or what gets an oscar anyways? Jonathon Nolan in an email to a writes;

Any nominations for a comic book movie is a thing of beauty no matter how you slice it, and that takes the sting out a bit. Besides, I’ve been to the big show before, and, like any of these things, it’s a little disappointing. Did you know it’s not even an open bar once the show starts? At least this time I would have remembered to bring a little cash so I could buy myself a drink after losing.

I could not agree more.


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