Interview: Dakota Fanning talks Twilight

Posted by: Sheila Roberts

MoviesOnline caught up today with Dakota Fanning at the Los Angeles Press Day for her new and very exciting sci fi thriller, Push, that opens in theaters next week. We asked her if it was true that she was in talks to join Robert Pattinson and the rest of the cast to co-star in the upcoming Twilight sequel, New Moon. I happen to like Dakota a lot. She’s an incredibly talented actress and I think she would be perfect for the role of Jane, the sadistic Volturi vampire.

While contracts have not been signed yet, Dakota was able to confirm for us that she is definitely in talks to co-star in New Moon. Here’s more of what she had to tell us:

Q: Can you talk about the Twilight rumors that have been circulating this week?

DAKOTA FANNING: Yeah, it’s definitely possible. I really hope it will work out. We’ll see. It’d be really fun to be a part of that.

Q: Have you read the books and are you a fan?

DAKOTA FANNING: Yeah, I am definitely a fan. I’m a big fan of the actors in the film and to be a part of that would be really a great privilege.

Q: Have you read all 4 books?

DAKOTA FANNING: I haven’t read all four yet. No.

Be sure to check back with MoviesOnline for all the latest news on Twilight and the upcoming sequel, New Moon.


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