Twilight News: Vanessa Hudgens a part of the New Moon?

Posted by: Stark

I was perusing the site earlier today and came across a tidbit that was very interesting!  Vanessa Hudgens, one of the stars of High School Musical franchise, could be part of the upcoming sequel to Twilight called New Moon.

Apparently another cast member from Twilight, Ashley Greene, dropped the ball by telling the world that Vanessa Hudgens had auditioned for the role of Leah Clearwater.  Leah is the lover of Sam Uley, one of the boys with Jacob on the reservation, but Leah is given the cold shoulder when her cousin steps in and steals Sam!  Nothing like a good old cat fight, well in this case, werewolf fight!

I see nothing wrong with having Vanessa Hudgens as part of the cast, and am actually a bit excited about it!  She will definitely add some more eye candy to the movie, and maybe secretly some of us guys won't mind being dragged out to see the sequel to Twilight, but we'll never admit it!!



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