After Dark Horrorfest 3 DVD Details

Posted by: PuppetMaster

The entire set of films for AfterDark HorrorFest 3 are being released on DVD March 31st. They will be released as one big boxset for $159 or on their own for $19.98. Below is a complete lineup of the films for those who have not been following. HorrorFest 3 starts its limited theatrical run this friday.

The life of a successful radiologist spirals out of control when she sees the spitting image of herself driving down a London street.  Attempting to discover the identity of her double, she stumbles into a terrifying mystery that involves her family and closest friends, leaving her with no one to trust.  

Based on true events.... Looking to escape an abusive relationship, Faith moves in with Lola at her family's farm.  Every night the girls go out, the young sexy Lola brings home an older man.  When Faith realizes Lola's one night stands are disappearing, she fears Lola's creepy family is killing more than just animals in the slaughter house.  

Ten years ago, Officer Dwayne Hooper's son was abducted, the final victim in a string of fourteen local disappearances.  Now, Hooper's suspicions have been aroused by a prison inmate who bears striking similarities to the purported kidnapper.  Hooper finds evidence in the criminal's apartment and seeks revenge - igniting a wave of carnage that engulfs the town.  

The latest entry in The Butterfly Effect franchise tells the story of Sam who possesses an extraordinary talent: the ability to travel through time.  He can use his gift to help police solve cases, but he must never intervene with the past as it could alter the present in horrific ways.  When a woman from Sam's past begs him to help her find her sister's killer, Sam breaks his own rule...and all Hell breaks loose.

A rash of suicides has devastated the small community of Grovetown, with fear and panic spreading among local residents.  As those around 18 year-old Lindsay continue to die grisly deaths, she begins to distrust everyone...and suspects she will become the next victim.

On their quest to find a rare tiger, four adventurers in Tasmania enter an isolated township named Sarah, once a hideout for an infamous cannibal called "The Pieman."  The four hunters suddenly become the hunted as they discover that the township still upholds its cannibalistic heritage. And need fresh "stock" to breed.

A group of recent college grads is taking a final vacation together when an accident leaves them hurt and stranded on a lonely Louisiana road.  An ambulance arrives and takes them to mercy hospital, an eerie, half empty place that harbors a chilling secret: a doctor conducting inhuman experiments on its helpless patients.  

After witnessing the violent murders of two family members, a young woman fears that she may be marked for death.  With no one to trust and nowhere to flee, she races against time to uncover a deadly secret, in this heart-stopping thriller based on the best-selling comic book series.


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