How Will McG Handle the Terminator Paradox?

Posted by: PuppetMaster

The question was posed in a comment on an early post and it really got my brain spinning. When you consider the timeline and the way that 'time' itself has been effected by the various Terminators jumping back in time you have to wonder. How will McG and his team of writers handle the Paradox?

The future is no longer the future that John Conner had seen as an adult. That said that is also one of the sayings in the trailer 'the future is not what my mother told me it would be'. The world changed when future Conner sent the first Terminator back to protect his younger self and he discovered pre-maturely what his future would be.

This is pretty huge since it throws the entire Terminator world into a huge Paradox. So the question becomes how do you overcome this? Sometimes when you do a franchise you can easily ignore the past films but in this case it is just not possible. The whole terminator chronology is to closely tied. To ignore the earlier films is to ignore the entire mythology if you like, of the Terminators and John Conner. That said I do not know how they get around the fact that once you go back in time you change things and not just slightly. The sheer fact that Conner knows the world is coming to an end sways everything to mankinds favor. Yet clearly in the film mankind is by no means in a winning position as they are rounded up in extermination camps.

Without question Terminator Salvation is looking like it will kick alot of ass but I pose the question to you all; How do you do Terminator Salvation without a paradox and without ignoring the past three films? I really have no answer to that. The best I can guess is that the HUGE twist will in fact be that Skynet has evolved in its efforts to avoid John Conner and has become even smarter and perhaps huge spoiler alert.... perhaps... ....  .....   John Conner is not human at all but replaced by a Terminator.

This would make sense since then Skynet is controlling the uprising of mankind and leading it to its doom which we know McG's film focuses on. The question becomes how can you do 2 more films with Conner as a Terminator?


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