Twilight Dominates UK Box Office

Posted by: PuppetMaster

Twilight opened up in the UK and surprise surprise it dominated the box office. TWILIGHT, the first instalment of Stephenie Meyer's worldwide best-selling series, sunk its teeth into £2.5 million of box office this weekend, beating family favourite Madagascar 2 (£1.8m) and the seasonal Four Christmases (£1m) into distant second and third places. 

The sequel New Moon has already been greenlit and will be in theatres November 22nd of next year. The cast will be returning with substantial raises but the director has been replaced. Chris Weitz will assume the directors chair for the sequel. Hopefully they will also expand the budget to address fan concerns that the film looked 'cheap'.

We opened the floor up to you readers to submit your reviews of TWILIGHT. The reviews although mixed has been generally positive. Below are all the latest reviews for Twilight submitted by fans yesterday. Feel free to submit your own.


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