The Director and Cast of Sky High Talk

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For now, this movie seems to be sneaking under the radar, but with a cast that has some of the "biggest" names attached - it wont be for long.  Mike Mitchell (Surviving Christmas) newest film "Sky High" has all the makings of a fun/family film.

"A staple of Disney comedies of the '60s and '70s, screen star Kurt Russell returns again, to make a second film for the studio in two years. In Sky High, Russell and Kelly Preston (Jerry Maguire) play Commander Stronghold and Josie Jetstream, parents to a boy named Jeremy (Michael Angarano), who is struggling to fit in as a freshman at an academy for budding superheroes.

Tackling roles as the academy's staff are Bruce Campbell (Evil Dead) as gym teacher Coach Boomer, Dave Foley ("NewsRadio") as teacher of sidekicks Mr. Boy, and Lynda Carter (TV's "Wonder Woman") as the principal of Sky High."

IESB, recently caught up with director Mike Mitchell at the "Surviving Christmas" premiere and gives an update on this new film, as well as some of the cast (Michael Angarano, Danielle Panabaker and Mary Elizabeth Winstead) as they give you some insight into their characters.

Mike Mitchell Interview - here
Cast Interview - here

Sky High is coming to theaters, August 2005.

Source: IESB


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