Mel Gibson Rejects Mad Max 4 Script

Posted by: PuppetMaster

In an interview with DarkHorizon George Miller once again was talking about Mad Max 4. Every couple of months George likes to talk about long gestating projects that are probably never going to happen. This go around he revealed that although the script is done... Mel does not like it;

Miller also admits that he’d like to work with Mel Gibson on something again and while Mel doesn’t want to do the Mad Max script he wrote, he hasn’t given up on that possibility just yet.  

Mad Max 4 has been talked about, mulled about, put together, and even started shooting in Nambia with Mel Gibson starring. But it just all went to hell in a handbag. Mel Gibson backed out, the war in Nambia ended with the film being abandoned and now the big question is, will we ever see Mad Max 4?

Mad Max is a bad ass film series, in fact its on the top of my list of all time favs. Whether or not Mel Gibson is in it matters not to me. Gimme a great story, and a great unknown cast and I am all over it.

Update: According to an email we received from a PR Agent this story is completely untrue and was a mis-quote. George Miller did not discuss Mad Max at all.


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