Exclusive: Land of the Dead, Dead Reckoning Update!

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A couple of nights back, Jeff Green our man in the know sent in pictures from the set of Land of the Dead. We were pretty damn sure it was Dead Reckoning, and he has posted an update just to let you all know that yes it was indeed Dead Reckoning.

Hello Ya'll

You can't really see it but on the right front side of the tank thing it says "Dead Reckoning" in red letters. I thought I read somewhere that the name of this movie was changed from Dead Reckoning to Land of the Dead . When I asked a stagehand if this was true, he said that "Dead Reckoning" was the name of the tank thing.

Jeff is correct, Land of the Dead was originally named dead reckoning and recently made the switch. This is a much better name, and I think the name of Dead Reckoning suits the vehicle perfect.  Here is another picture of the vehicle in case you missed the earlier exclusive news item

Neat looking little vhicle to say the least.

Somewere on the internet (perhaps even this site) I located a phone number for exta's I called it up and sure enough it was legit, so I gave them my number for me and my kids should they need extra's. If we get the call I will have some awsome pics 

Jeff is correct, he did get that working phone number offf of our site, you can get the number here, "Be an Extra in Land of the Dead" If you are an extra in the movie, or are planning on being one be sure to let us know any tidbits you find out so that the thousands of readers here can enjoy it.

If not, you all have given me reason to make an effort to find out were they are filiming next. (If anyone knows dates and places, let me know)  btw I am a fan of dead movies since the original "dawn of the dead"

Take care,
Jeff aka Peter Parker

Well Jeff as soon as we know, you will know, and if anybody else knows the next shooting location for Land of the dead, drop us a line at scoops@moviesonline.ca as well contribute your commentary, and most importantly anything you find on the movie you want to share with the readers here.


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