Superman Sequel Status Update

Posted by: Luke

Today some interesting news came down from Anne Thompson's blog on Variety regarding Warner Bros.' Superman franchise. After the less than stellar performance of Bryan Singer's Superman Returns they are trying to figure out what to do next with the caped crusader. It seems that there is a desire for a new film but they are still unsure what to do.

I for one never saw the film. I was never a fan of Superman and nothing I saw from the trailers convinced me otherwise. I think they do need to do a complete revamp and completely forget about the last film. That seems to be a pretty popular thing to do now with superhero films anyway. This creates a whole host of other problems for the studio however.

Who will play Superman now? Remember the chaos that went on before they finally settled on Brandon Routh. I thought he looked the part, my problem was simply with the way they presented the film. To me it didn't just feel like a true blue superhero flick. Maybe thats just me. But whatever they decide to do they have said that they are not afraid of letting Bryan Singer go if he does not want to follow what they want for the character.


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