Jennifers Body Nude Scene Cut

Posted by: PuppetMaster

According to the nude scene featuring Megan Fox from Jennifers Body has hit the cutting room floor. I had no idea she was going to be fully nude but we did see plenty of 'set photos' where she was topless and toting some pasties. Which is certainly a gimmick to draw in the horny male demographic. The report is that their is a hot lesbian kissing scene featuring Megan but no nudity. The entire films buzz has been around Megan and how much you will or will not see of her so will this impact interest from fans? Hard to say but I am sure Male Fans will be less interested. At least the red blooded ones.

The new vampire flick where Jennifer keeps talking about all the making out she does with dudes and chicks. The poster look familiar? Let me help you out and show you another poster. Look below and decide.. familiar?


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