Nightmare on Elm Street Remake Updates

Posted by: PuppetMaster

At Comic Con we had a chance to catch up with Brad Fuller and Andrew Form thw two producers well known for remaking horror classics. I know alot of horror fans despise them for it but I for one have enjoyed MOST of the remakes they have done. Key words here being most. At Comic Con they revealed to us that although they dont have the project yet they are very eager to remake Nightmare on Elm Street. In the past they have tried for projects and not gotten them. Case and point they wanted to remake Halloween but Rob Zombie ended up doing that with another studio. They also said they were approached to remake CHUD which is a classic and for some reason did not want to. They also were asked to do another April Fools day but opted not to since there is about 100 of them now. Good call. As far as the Nightmare Remake they would make it scary and as real as possible just like all their remakes. Brad Fuller told us;

If we're lucky enough to get that movie, I suspect because of what we try and do with all our horror movies is really keep it real. I don't know that, if we're lucky enough to do that, it's always weird to speculate on that but I can't imagine Freddy's going to be throwing out one-liners the whole way through.

Much closer to the original. Really scary. said Andrew Form, Yeah, really scary added Brad Fuller.

Of course the one thing that fans have demaned in a remake is Robert Englund to play Freddy. I am going to go out on a limb here and say it wont work. Robert is to old to restart the franchise as much as I would love to see him in the remake. Brad it would seem agrees since he has no plans to put him in the movie.

I think it has to be [ a new Freddy ] and I know fans hate to hear that and everyone says you have to put Robert in. He said it too. I think that in order to differentiate what we're doing from the other ones, we would need to find someone else to play that role.

As for a cameo Brad is all for it but he admits that is not something that Robert Englund is likely going to want to do. It also muddles things in my eyes. How does Robert do a cameo? That would completely take all of us fans out of the film and what is happening in it. As far as CGI goes... which horror fans get up in arms about Brad admits that although they need it they are going to do it right;

I think you have to but as a rule, whenever I talk to my son about this, when he sees CGI, it takes him out of the movie. My kids tell me that all the time so we always strive to do things practically in all of our movies. And we have the option to do CGI because Bay has this amazing relationship with Digital Domain and we get the friends and family deal there and we opt out of it because I think for horror movies, it feels real when it's all happening in the camera if you can do that.

Stay tuned for more updates on the project...


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