Brad Fuller Talks The Birds Remake

Posted by: PuppetMaster

At comic con we caught up with Brad Fuller and had a chance to talk to him about a bunch of his upcoming remakes. One of those remakes is The Birds which they are remaking from the Alfred Hitchcock classic. Obviously times have changed since that movie first came out and terrified movie goers so they are going to adapt it to suit a new generation of film goers and horror fans. Brad Fuller from Platinum Dunes told us they are working on a whole new take;

We're working that out now but there's only so much that can happen. Birds attack. It's the explaining of why is it happening or if you explain why it's happening or who are the characters that it's happening to and the setting that it's happening in. Those are the things that we're contending with now. We're in the very early process on that, very early.

The movie is a lot about the filmmaker. Martin Campbell is a guy, Casino Royale could be my favorite movie. I love that movie. I thought that he did an amazing job but that is the first true filmmaker who we've had an opportunity to sit down and really work with a guy who knows what he's talking about, is very passionate about the movie, has some fantastic ideas about what he wants that movie to be and with a guy like that, you just want to follow him up the mountain and do what he says.

The Birds remake will star Naomi Watts and as noted by brad is directed by Casino Royale director Martin Campbell. So this remake already has a ton of legs and is not looking to be your typical cash cow remake where the studio does a quick and easy remake to grab at some cash.... which happens to often. That is not to say that I am for another remake of a Classic Horror movie but at least they are putting some effort into it with a strong female lead and a top notch director.


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