Flash Gordon Remake Gets its Writers

Posted by: PuppetMaster

According to the trades Flash Gordon has its writers. Sony has signed writers Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless to pen the remake of Flash Gordon. Matt's only credits on IMDB are for being a production assistant on The Master of Disguise which is strange and Burk Sharpless brought a complete blank. So who knows where this script is going. 

Remember many years ago when Ashton Kutcher was rumored to star and Stephen Sommers would direct? Boy have we come a long ways since then.   Now Breck Eisner is tapped to direct and no word on who will star. Although admittedly I wouldn't object to Ashton starring I am one of the few who likes him. When Stephen Sommers was still attached to direct he though Ashton was perfect; 

 "He has the right look, the right build and he isn't known for any one film role so he would be an empty canvas for Stephen to work with."

The film will center on a lunk-headed quarterback who, with the help of some pals, takes on the totalitarian planet of Mongo, who're planning to blow Earth to smithereens. Its based on the serial comic from the olden days before things like time and dinosaurs.


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