Johnny Depp in Dark Knight Sequel?

Posted by: PuppetMaster

I am gonna be saying bull on this one. It is being reported by AceShowBiz that 'rumors' indicate that Johnny Depp and Phillip Seymour Hoffman will star in Dark Knight 2. My issue with it is not who but the roles.

They would reportedly play Penguin and The Riddler. My issue with this is the fact that Goyer and Nolan have said they are interested in doing a sequel with new characters, not drum up the same old crap we have already seen. That said Depp could play a great villain.... but unlikely it would be The Riddler. As for Hoffman playing the Penguin he does look the part but I dont see him taking a role like that even if the filmmakers and writers have now decided to reuse characters instead of being creative.


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