Stan Lee Wolverine Movie Cameo

Posted by: PuppetMaster

Despite the fact that Stan Lee did not create Wolverine he will still apparently have a cameo in the upcoming film. Hugh Jackman spilled the goods on this at Comic Con when he bumped into Stan Lee. Stan Lee has created all of my favorite comic book characters.... accept for Wolverine. The cameo will no question excite fanboys greatly as it did me since Stan Lee is a god to us comic geeks.

Comic Con Fanboys got a first look at Wolverine Footage and yes.... it was awesome!Wolverine is gonna kick a whole lot of ass and Hugh Jackman made a surprise appearance at Comic Con to debut some kick ass footage from the film featuring himself and Gambit kicking a whole lot of ass. 

When Hugh took the podium at Comic Con to show off some footage from say the crowd went wild... well that would be an under-statement. He thanked his fans for making him famous and then introduced a clip so well named... 'berserker rage'.

The clip that played at Comic Con featured Wolverine and Creed in a prison who escape through a gruesome sequence of events which sums up nicely with somebody losing their head. For those who are not aware Creed is Victor Creed, later Sabretooth. Wolverine and Sabretooth are war buddies who turn against each other. The footage then cuts to Stryker who invites them to join the Weapon program where it segways into a whole slew of the characters from the program that we love ... Deadpool, The Blob, Gambit and yes kids Wraith.

You get to see Logans transformation and you get to see Gambit do what he does best tossing his cards around with full effect... and just being one cool cat. And yes... you get to see the animosity between Creed aka Sabretooth and Wolverine. The one scene shows where Wolverine escapes from the tank killing all his guards and Stryker sends Sabretooth to hunt his ass down. Holy CRAP is this movie going to kick a whole lot of ass. Stay tuned, more to come from the front lines all weekend long!


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