Jack Ketchums RED Gets a Movie Review

Posted by: PuppetMaster

Im a massive Jack Ketchum fan. I send him love letters everday saying how much I love his books and also his films. If you have not seen LOST or Girl Next Door then you have never been truly violated. In all seriousness I dont send him love notes but I do love his movies. Serena at HM.ca had a chance to checkout his newest film RED at an early Fantasia Screening. Seems its a new take on the revenge genre.

 Red is a movie that is unlike most in the vigilante sub-genre. What is brilliant about this film is how it asks the controversial question, “Is killing a pet murder?” I am thankful that a movie has delved into this debatable territory. Honestly, if you’re not a pet owner, you can never fully understand what causes Avery to pursue his endless and obsessive search for redemption.  Red also fiercely examines the callousness and brutality that is in our world today.

What makes this film different from Death Wish, The Crow, and any other vigilante film is that Avery never actually becomes a vigilante, because he’s merely a man who is seeking to do the right thing. It is sad to watch Avery suffer from the pain, while the teenagers roam free, because the film shows you how little rights good Samaritans have, and how criminals have all the power. It movies like this one, that show you how much of a joke our law system really is.

Go give her entire review a read. ( Jack Ketchums Red Review ) . The plot for the film and the book goes like this; Avery Allan Ludlow (Brian Cox), a Korean War vet with a tragic past, lives alone in a small town, where he runs the local hardware store. Av's only companion is a 14 year-old ginger-haired dog, aptly named Red by Av's late wife. One day, Av and Red are enjoying a placid outing at their favorite fishing spot when three boys and a shotgun come along. In an instant, Av's lifelong friend is gone, the victim of a cruel, senseless act.

Devastated, Av determines to find out who the boys are and why they did it. Helped by a local reporter (Dickens), Av tries to expose the truth, but his efforts are ignored by authorities and mocked by the teenagers. The boys' parents, a rich local businessman (Sizemore) and, across town, a hardscrabble laborer (Englund) and his wife (Plummer), are just as determined to keep Av down. But, faithful to the memory of his best friend, Av single-mindedly presses for justice—with or without the law on his side. Checkout the trailer below.


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