Coming Soon: F-Troop Movie

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Maybe.  It seems that Broken Lizard, the people who brought you Club Dread and Super Troopers, may have their sights set on bring "F-Troop" to the big screen.  This is great news to me.  I used to love this show when I was younger.

F-Troop's season began in 1965 and lasted till 1967, for a total of 65 episodes.  Here's the plot summary for the show:  Becoming a hero by accidentally leading a cavalry charge the wrong way, Private Wilton Parmenter is given command of Fort Courage. The Fort's crafty Sgt. O'Rourke has a deal with the local Hekawi Indians to market their wares to the tourists. They must sometimes pretend to be enemies (and the Shugs really are enemies). Jane is out to marry the innocent Parmenter.



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