Megan Fox's Breasts: Using Sex to Sell Movies

Posted by: Robert Bell

Sex Sells and nothing has made that more clear than the recent set photos of Megan Fox on her new horror film! Much ado has been made as of late about the much ballyhooed boobie shots of Ms. Megan Fox in the upcoming Jason Reitman flick Jennifer’s Body. ( Megan Fox's Naked Jennifers Body Photos ) It’s sadly been the top news story on a site dedicated to the love of film. Perhaps the hottest celebrity beaver sites haven’t been notified of Ms. Fox’s unsurprising decision to show the world her goods, which leaves WoW playing, pizza pocket eating, unshowered teen boys to polish the one-eyed-wonder-snake to movie sites while eating powdered doughnuts.

This marketing tool isn’t entirely dissimilar to a tactic used to promote Swordfish, when Halle Berry awkwardly stood in front of the audience at the MTV movie awards stating that everyone and anyone could take a gander at her mommy-bags for just $10. Also, some might remember the fuss that was made over Sharon Stone’s cooter back in 1992, when she was reportedly unaware that Mr. Verhoeven intended to feature a close-up shot of her birth canal.

Sex sells and movie studios know it. What is interesting however is that it is generally only female sexuality that is on sale. There weren’t many talk show appearances or leaked images of Viggo Mortenson’s willy flopping about to promote Eastern Promises, and Ewan McGregor never promoted Velvet Goldmine or Trainspotting by telling audiences that they could have a glimpse of his Lincoln log for just $10. Perhaps the lack of interest when Bruce Willis flashed his sausage in Color of Night is the reason. Aside from a handful of muffin-topped gals who would need to change their panties and a few gay guys who frequent celebrity dick message boards, not many would spend the money for a simple dong shot. The simplified explanation for this is that men are aroused visually and women are aroused emotionally. Not that many women wouldn’t be intrigued by some on screen pee pee, but it’s unlikely to have them running out the door drooling with erect nipples.

The main question that arises when sexuality is used to sell a product, is one of quality.

Many were quick to jump on the Juno bandwagon, praising the quirky dialogue, not noticing that every character seemed to share the same vocabulary and world view. Reitman’s direction managed to hold together what was essentially an episode of Gilmore Girls with less wit and natural conflict. Could this signal a problem for Jennifer’s Body, a film that is sure to utilize the same snappy pop-culture-driven dialogue from each characters mouth? Or is it just clever marketing to sell a film that all involved have confidence in? Only time will tell.

Female sexuality is a logical tactic to use in marketing this film, as Juno essentially catered to women and a slightly older demographic of men. Having this built in demo will ensure a similar audience for Jennifer’s, but with Megan Fox’s tits they can cash in on the horny teen boy demographic as well. From a business standpoint it makes perfect sense.

As much as society loves to claim gender equality, women continue to perform culture and sexuality while men create it. As long as hooters sell, they will be available for purchase.

( Megan Fox and her co-star in the smash hit Transformers )


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