Megan Fox Nude Photos from Jennifers Body

Posted by: PuppetMaster

Awhile back we told you that Megan Fox would be posing nude or darn near it in the upcoming horror flick Jennifers Body and now WWTDD has posted the first picures of her. Yes she is darn near naked, just with some pasties to complete the look.

Jason Reitman on the Howard Stern show said she does a topless scene where she is luring in a victim with her breasts. Now we get to see that scene thanks to photos that have burst online. Check em out here. Yeah there are kinda NSFW.

Hopefully the film offers more then just visual eye candy. As attractive as Megan Fox is and as much as sex can help sell a movie at the end of the day if the movie is no good it wont get traction or go anywhere. Megan did a pretty good job in Transformers lets hope it translates to Jennifers Body.


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