Tales From the Crypt: From Comic Books to Television

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I love "Tales from the Crypt" and the Cryptkeeper, so when I ran across this little bit of news, I was pleasently suprised.  It seems that an hour long documentary by Director/Producer Chip Selby is set to air on the Monster HD Hi-Def Satellite Network October 24th, 2004.   The hour long program will take you through the classic EC comics, the controversy surrounding them, their influence on pop culture and the hit HBO series they spawned.  It will also feature interviews with EC writers and artists as well as filmmakers like John Carpenter, George A. Romero and TV TALES producer Joel Silver, author R.L. Stine and others.

This is all great news, but what if I dont have access to Monster HD, then what?  No worries.   On October 29, the Tales from the Crypt:  From Comic Books to Television will be made available on a special-edition two-disc dvd set, which will have over three hours of bonus material, including additional scenes and interviews, a roundtable discussion between EC editor/artist Al Feldstein and legendary author Ray Bradbury, an extended Romero chat and more.

A teaser site for the dvd is already up, but not much is there.  It says "Photos, trailers and more" are coming soon, so as soon as the site gets updated, we'll bring you the news.

Source:  Fangoria


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