George Romero talks Diary of the Dead 2, Crazies Remake

Posted by: PuppetMaster

In an interview at Romero sounded off on a few interesting topics including talking in some depth about his career and taking questions from readers. The two that caught my eye are the ones in reference to Diary of the Dead 2 and the Crazies Remake. Diary of the Dead 2 we already know is in the works and Romero has confirmed his involvement;

Yeah, I’m definitely attached to it. If the producers want to make the sequel, I will make it. But who knows, I could be written out of it. As far as the project being greenlit, the answer is no. I haven’t gotten a check yet. (laughs)

In reference to the Crazies remake he had a pretty blunt response, and also addressed the remakes/sequels of his earlier works by other parties;

Well they’re still talking about remaking The Crazies. I don’t know if it’s going to happen. But look, look at Creepshow 3….dreadful. Day of the Dead 2:Contagium…dreadful. They like remaking them, but they don’t exactly put as much thought into them. (laughs)

Like I said before, I don’t care! (laughs) I’m not getting anything out of it. They’re[remakes] aren’t apart of my life. I don’t particularly care for them. (laughs)

Go give the entire interview a read. Its quite interesting.


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